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Avocado, natural stress reliever

16/03/2021 20:06


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AvocadoBio as an anti-stress

Psychological and not just biological benefits of Avocado and its cultivation

Let's face it: each of us lives these times excessively.

We are always overloaded with commitments, tensions, worries that, in spite of ourselves, end up upsetting the days making us similar to pressure cookers. I can associate every period of my life with an all-encompassing passion, capable of involving me completely, and that it represented a safe haven for my psyche and my body; I am not, in fact, a type capable of holding hands and if there is work to be done, I do not hold back.

"Mens sana in corpore sano" said Giovenale!

My first passion was music and radio, then IT, now the countryside.

I have already written, in another post,
of my relationship with the countryside in my youth. Over time it has changed, matured, freed itself from that duty and filled with pleasure.

With the Avocado it has taken on the connotations of a challenge, almost a revenge.

Someone close to me will surely have thought that I suffer from a mania.

Nature fights Stress

Maybe it is also true, but a mania that I wish everyone, capable of filling you with commitments, beyond those you already have, giving you, at the same time, a sense of freedom and fulfillment.

In every period of the year the campaign must be followed, almost cared for: from October to April there is the harvest which must be carried out progressively, taking the largest fruits and leaving the small ones on the tree. Very often, at this stage,
the wind ruins our plans, killing Avocados that are still small for the market and therefore impossible to sell. The next phase, around April, is that of organic fertilization,
always accompanied and supported by vegetable mulching and pruning to be carried out to give air and light inside the plant and reduce the humidity so dear to the pathogens of our Avocado. Immediately afterwards, the flowering and its fruit set takes place during which we must not lack water but not give too much, on pain of the occurrence of the fruit drop just tied. Summer arrives and continues with irrigation to be carefully measured and calibrated well based on the soil and its humidity.

At the end of the summer we have finished a year and the cycle begins again proposing the same commitments, to which new ones are very often added.

Of course, taking care of an avocado in a pot and following its development from the seed to the plant is certainly satisfying and relaxing; but, believe me, it is also rewarding for me to follow 1500.

A doubt arises: is it not that Avocado, in addition to being a Superfood, is also the plant of youth? Who knows, I hope so!