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Organic citrus fruits online sale


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We sell Organic citrus fruits online without deception to be enjoyed freely

Our territory is a protected alcove where Organic Citrus Fruits thrive and perfume the air. From Oranges, to Bergamot, from Lemon to Mandarin, it is an explosion of nature and goodness. From Magna Graecia directly to your home without intermediaries and without poisons.


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Orange is synonymous with health

Citrus Shop Online
Red like our dawns, juicy, full of life. A fruit to be squeezed and eaten, which gives you well-being and health just by looking at it.
It is a true concentrate of active elements with antioxidant, antianemic, antitumor, immunostimulating and digestive action.

Sour lemons like our mountains

Ours is a landscape where you can throw yourself, disputed between the crystalline blue of the Ionian sea and the changing green of the Aspromonte. Our lemons are pungent but sweet like the land in which they grow and from which they take their flavor. A juice of nature and vitamins that will restore the flavor of Calabria.
Sour lemons like our mountains

Bergamot Italian treasure

It is a Calabrian wealth, but it is a precious treasure of the whole nation, which must be defended and safeguarded. It has incredible biochemical properties, in addition to the well-known organoleptic ones. Discover this unique fruit with us: 90% of world production is made in our province.
Bergamot from Calabria. Excellence in the world

Sweet tangerines even if late

Sweet, inviting, hospitable, full of flavor.
They arrive a little late and have some seeds, but they know how to be forgiven thanks to a delicious and captivating taste that makes them very welcome even to children who are more refractory to fruit. They are called "Marzoli" and their origin is Sicilian.
Late Mandarin of Ciaculli. Good, tasty and healthy

Fruits with the Southern Sun inside

We are producers in a real, angular, proud land, made up of ancient and genuine traditions and flavors.
Good agronomic practices, the use of organic fertilizers, the skilful art of pruning, are the only ingredient that we use to make it fertile. In this way, we are able to produce rich and tasty citrus fruits by bringing the Southern Sun to your table.
Citrus fruits full of Nature

Buy a lot of Nature

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