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Juicy lemons from Calabria

Our Lemon Zagara Bianca is characterized by a very good taste, less acid than other varieties. Excellent, therefore, to obtain good refreshing lemonades and to give a not very intrusive touch to fish dishes. Its summer flowering, which takes the name of Verdello, it is particularly appreciated because it is used in the preparation of limoncello.

The peel can be totally used in the kitchen: organic production does not involve the use of pesticides or surface treatments.

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It is a selection of the common Feminello lemon. It has light green leaves and branches that are very often thorny.

Its name refers to the characteristic white flowers that frame it; fears winter temperatures below 4 °.

The main ripening takes place from January to May. The blooms, like all lemons of the feminello family, they are various, being able to be even 3 during the year: if well fertilized, it will produce lemons called Bianchetto and Verdello.

The fruit has a good size and an elongated oval shape, a bright yellow skin and few seeds; it is rich in juice and has a less pronounced acidity which makes it very good to eat. Thanks to its high content in Vitamin C, folic acid and citric acid, it represents a real anti-anemic and antioxidant mix.

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