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Calabrian Tarocco Oranges

Tarocco Oranges have always been the queens of the Calabrian countryside. A red-fleshed orange with an exceptional taste, superlative when eaten naturally and excellent when added to your salads.

The fact that it is an organic in-conversion product makes it perfect for ensuring the daily vitamin C content for your children.
Its thick skin is edible as it has not undergone any waxing or polishing treatment..

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The Tarocco orange is part of the predominantly Italian family of blood oranges, produced exclusively in the South in Italy. It seems that its origin derives from a spontaneous mutation of the blood orange.

It is a plant with a good bearing and development and, in addition to the common variety, there are several clones (Gallo, Ippolito, TDV, Meli).
The fruit is characterized by an ovoid shape with the presence of a kind of raised edge all around the petiole area.

It has a thick skin, easy to remove and with reddish streaks; the pulp has few seeds, a delicious fruity taste and a yellow-red color that is accentuated with the degree of ripeness.
This orange also stands out for its high content in vitamins C, A, B1 and B2 and for anthocyanins, antioxidant substances, among other things responsible for the typical color. It is harvested between January and March while it blooms between April and May.