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Fuerte Avocados
​Avocado Fuerte is a fruit with a creamy taste, with notes of hazelnut, acidulous aftertaste and with an excellent oil content: this certainly makes it the most suitable for the preparation of the famous guacamole sauce or for all Avocado-based sauces that have a creamy consistency. Due to its freshness and authenticity, at least 7 - 10 days are required before it can be tasted.

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Avocado Fuerte is of Mexican origin, it is a cross between a Guatemalan and a Mexican avocado.

The tree is vigorous, very resistant to the cold and to the wind (hence its name). It was for a long time the most produced variety, only to be overtaken by the Hass. A good producer is Israel while, in recent times, its cultivation in the United States has significantly decreased.

The fruit has a smooth, dull green skin that is very easy to peel. Its shape is elongated and the size is medium to large. The pulp inside is yellow - green. Its texture is creamy without fibrousness, and the quantity of oil present is very high (even 20%) The stone is quite large and adherent to the pulp. The Fuerte avocado bears more than good fruit, but it is definitely alternating. It can be harvested from November to February. The ripening process, after harvest, is quite fast. Once ripened, the peel does not become dark, but its pulp becomes soft.

Avocado Fuerte, strong like the Calabrians