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Extra virgin olive oil | From the manufacturer

Our olives produce an oil that can be used in various ways: thanks to its low acidity it is excellent on bruschetta, raw in soups, very good to accompany fresh cheeses and season fish.

We are able to offer you an intact and healthy oil: we grow it with a certified organic method and our territory, being free of industries, has one of the best air quality in Italy.

Geracese Extra Virgin Olive Oil Direct Sale


Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained from large olives of Gerace (or Geracesi). It is the typical cultivar of the Calabrian Jasmine Riviera and takes its name from the town of Gerace, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is an oil with a predominance of sweet and aromatic. From the organoleptic point of view, the nose shows modest persistent fruity sensations, with prevailing hints of olive leaf and grass. On the palate it shows a good sweet and enveloping structure, with levels of bitterness and spicy not predominant. Dried fruit In closing.
We harvest the olives both by hand and with mechanical methods and we process them within 12 hours. The oil is extracted with a cold pressing, at a temperature below 27 ° as required by EU legislation: in this way we keep all the nutritional properties intact. We do not perform any filtration and the extra virgin olive oil, thus obtained, is decanted in stainless steel containers keptunder vacuum and at a controlled temperature.

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The mandatory information referred to in EU Reg. 1169/2011 is contained in following section :


Packaging: 4,8 lt can

Production​ area: Calabria

Average altitude: 10/20 meters above sea level

Cultivar: Geracese

Cultivation method: Organic

Extraction method: Cold extracted. Milled olives within the same day of harvesting in a continuous cycle system.

Storage : After pressing, it is stored in steel containers and in a controlled temperature environment (12/18 ° C). It is packaged after a natural decantation.

Color: Yellow-Green

Taste: Sweet and enveloping structure with non-predominant levels of bitterness and spiciness. Dried fruit in closing.

Packaging for transport: Approved packaging complete with cardboard box, protective cardboard insert and corner protection.