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Tips to get the most out of Avocado

Is it possible to freeze it?

How to accelerate ripening

To do this it is necessary to crush the avocado and reduce it to pulp. Freezing must be done by placing it inside an airtight container.

It is essential to defrost it progressively, leaving it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, without opening it.

As a result of the degradation phenomena carried out by bacteria and fungi, a gas called ethylene originates. By placing the avocado inside a paper bag or putting it in direct contact with fruits such as apples and bananas, this gas will accelerate its ripening.

How to Cut an Avocado

How does it open?

The avocado should be cut vertically with a knife following its largest circumference; the two halves thus obtained must be rotated until they detach. The stone must be eliminated with the help of a spoon. For this operation it is not advisable to use the knife: the accident is lurking.

How to Store an Avocado

Is it tossic ?

Surely you have read somewhere that avocado is toxic when taken in large quantities or that it is dangerous to give it to the dog. We specify that it contains a toxic derivative of a fatty acid, persin, which is mainly contained in the green peel and in the stone, while the pulp contains a minimal part, practically harmless.

How to store it

If the avocado is unripe, putting it in the refrigerator in a plastic bag and eliminating as much air as possible, it can last a few weeks: however, in the long run, this can affect the taste.

If it is ripe, the best advice is... Eat it! Even putting it in the refrigerator, oxidation it will deteriorate the pulp and change its taste irremediably.If it is already cut you can delay the oxidation by placing the leftover half in a glass of water. This is a good way to use half fruit for lunch and half for dinner.

Why does the pulp turn dark?

Oxygen degrades the fatty acids contained in the fruit. To avoid it, you need to spread it with an acid liquid such as lemon or orange juice. If the core or petiole is removed, this process occurs faster.


When is it ripe ?

Avocado ripens only after its harvest: it is a climacteric fruit.

When ripe, its pulp becomes soft to the touch and the skin, especially in the Hass variety, becomes dark in color.