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Navel oranges produced in Calabria

Our Naveline Oranges are juicy and full of flavor. You can consume them at the end of a meal, use them to get inviting juices or you can make excellent jams.

The peel is edible because it is an absolutely untreated fruit on the surface: it is therefore possible grate it in your desserts or use it in cocktails and aperitifs.

It is a product in biological conversion, fertilized with organic products and totally free of pesticides.

NAVEL Oranges Direct Sale


Navelina orange is part of the Navel blonde orange family. It seems that its origin dates back to a spontaneous mutation of bitter orange.

It is a fairly resistant plant and, depending on the rootstock used, has a good ability to take root in various soils and climates.
It is characterized by the presence of a kind of navel (navel) placed exactly on the opposite side to that of the petiole, similar to another miniature orange.

It has a thick and easy to remove skin, few seeds, a delicious taste and a sugar concentration that increases with aging.
It stands out for its high content of vitamins C , A , B1 and B2.

It is harvested between October and January while it blooms between March and May.